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Copy of About Us

everything legendary Duane, Danita and Jumoke

We Did it For Mom.

She deserved better. So we stepped up.

Eating healthy meant a flavorless life. We weren’t here for it.

We don’t settle for flavorless.

Mom battling health issues, tried plant-based lifestyle for healing. And it was working, jubilation. But it left her life flavorless, sinful.

This is our mom, though.

She deserved food that reflected who she is.

Her vibrancy. Her wisdom. Her Soul.

So, we got together to create plant-based food

That tastes incredible.

Food that traded fake expectations for delicious substance.

Real food.

All-Natural ingredients.

Flavor you’d find in a restaurant.

Health at the forefront.

All the things that other plant-based food isn't.

Because of mom.

And the result is Legendary.

Damn the Mediocre. Make Life Legendary

We believe food should both nurture the body AND ignite the soul. But today’s plant-based foods leave you flat. You either get bland nutrition or a truckload of fat. No more.

We won’t stand for a flavorless life. Taste is the soul of all food. Fight for flavor. Fight for health. Live a legendary life.

We craft plant-based food with soul – some of the most delicious, nutritious eats you can find. When our chef cracked the code to bring flavor and healthy together, magic happened.

The result was our juicy, savory plant-based burger, bursting with real flavors and nutrition you won’t find in other patties. And that’s just the beginning. 

Why are we so passionate? Because of mom. She chose a plant-based diet for her health issues. The nutrition helped substantially, but the food had little substance. No flavor. No soul. And we weren’t here for it.

Stand against bland. Choose flavor. Feed your soul. Be Legendary.

Black Owned, Operated and Energized

We’re proud to be black-owned company, and we’re proud to lead this plant-based revolution. Our past gave us a unique point of view on food and on life. Creating a legend just came naturally.

We hope we inspire young black entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and realize that with tenacity and courage, anything’s possible.

The Legendary Team


The idea man. Duane put his diverse entrepreneurial knowledge and deep community connections to work – turning his concept for plant-based nutrition with actual flavor into a reality. And mom approves!


The strategizer. Healthy eating has been a life-long passion for Danita. It became a priority after her mother fell ill. She uses her worldly outlook, philanthropic spirit and business acumen to turn our plant-based foods in Legends. 


The flavor specialist. Jumoke is a culinary veteran – studying under some most renowned names and restaurants in the industry. His mission is to make his love for food contagious – a mantra infused into in every dish he creates.